Covid-19 Vaccination Update

If you are aged 65 to 69 and have received a letter concerning your COVID vaccination please be aware that we are currently unable to offer any appointments at this time. You will be contacted soon to arrange your vaccine or please keep trying the link on the letter you have received. Please do not contact us to request the COVID vaccine you will be contacted when it’s your turn to be vaccinated.

As well as being offered vaccination appointments at local GP practices and community hubs, patients aged 70+ and 80+ (and health and care frontline staff) are now receiving letters from NHS England inviting them to use the national booking system for an appointment at Castle Quarter in Norwich.

If you:

  • 1) Have already had a first vaccination and been given an appointment for a second vaccination then please keep this appointment and attend the same place where you had your first vaccination.
  • 2) Have a confirmed appointment with your local GP practice or community hub for a first vaccine then please keep this appointment and ignore the letter sent by NHS England.
  • 3) Have received a letter from NHS England offering you an appointment at Castle Quarter in Norwich and have not previously been offered an appointment from your GP practice or a community hub then you can choose to either:
    • a) Book a vaccination at Castle Quarter through the national appointment system using the telephone number and website address provided in the NHS England letter
    • b) Wait until a local GP Practice or community hub contacts you with an appointment. You shouldn’t have to wait too long as this process is underway.

We apologise for any confusion and thank you for your patience.